Facebook Closes Natural Alternative Health Groups & Pages

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As the natural health industry is growing, so is censorship among social media networks, search engines, and other digital platforms. The phenomenon seemingly started with Facebook in June 2018 when a flurry of natural and alternative health groups were closed overnight.

The result? Hundreds of thousands of health-minded people lost their social media “home.”

In that single month, there were more than 30 major Facebook pages and groups deleted (along with dozens of smaller groups). Here is a brief list of some of the most popular pages deleted:

  • Organic Wellness (600K followers)
  • Organic Health (230K followers)
  • Health & Alternative Medicine (550K followers)
  • Natural Cures From Food (120K followers)
  • Living Traditionally (570K followers)
  • Chocolate Socrates (608K followers)
  • Global Freedom Movement (27K followers)
  • Nature Gallery (654K followers)

Top Natural Health Facebook Page Shut Down

Jake Passi, former admin of the account “Collectively Conscious” – which was a Facebook page dedicated to natural health, science, and spirituality – lamented that his community was shut down overnight. Passi’s community was closed without warning, leaving more than 900,000 people in the dark.

“People are losing their entire livelihoods here and also in many cases their passion/purpose in this world,” Passi wrote in a Reddit post. The official Collectively Conscious website runs ads that pulled in between $2,000-$4,000 a month in the first half of 2018, and its Facebook presence helped support the growth.

“Our society is losing media companies and activist organizations that are trying to keep people informed about critical issues and life-saving information regarding their health,” Passi added.

Facebook Closes Natural Health Groups

Passi contends that Facebook is going after all independent media pages. “It’s their way of ‘revitalizing journalism’ by eliminating information.”

The initiative seemed to coincide with Mark Zuckerberg’s vow to “crack down” on fake news. The idea was that misinformation was damaging to the collective majority.

The problem is, “alternative medicine” certainly doesn’t mean illegitimate. Holistic medicinal practices might be lesser known, but they are becoming more accepted. And as more studies reveal, there is a growing amount of evidence that support their use.

Passi seemed to close his case this way:

“Facebook has gone nuts with adding rules that restrict freedom of speech and freedom of the press in massive ways. Eventually the public will say enough is enough and begin to migrate elsewhere. There are already many alternatives.”

Pinterest Bans GreenMedInfo Natural Health Page

Facebook is not the only social media network that is banning alternative health voices. Just this last December, Pinterest removed and banned GreenMedInfo – one of the most popular alternative health research websites – from its platform.

The reason? The social media giant affirmed…

“Your linked website violated our misinformation policy. This policy includes things like promotion of false cures for terminal or chronic illnesses, and anti-vaccination advice.”

Here is the email in full:

In return, GreenMedInfo sent an appeal. Of course, considering an onslaught of bans on part of Pinterest, the website didn’t expect a favorable response. Which they didn’t. Other pages banned by Pinterest include Mercola, Natural News, and the National Vaccination Information Center.

GreenMedInfo asserts that Pinterest’s accusations of “fake news” are curious, as all of their information posted on vaccinations is either relayed by peer-reviewed content or merely reports of solid truths on the topic.

In a public response to Pinterest, the alternative health website noted,

“As far as the accusation that we are harming Pinterest users by publishing information supporting alternative healing methods, we argue that the almost 45,000 peer-reviewed and published studies available on our database on the science of natural medicine speak for themselves. Shooting the messenger doesn’t make the message disappear. Feel free to use and share this natural health science resource far and wide.”

Google Censors Search Engine Rankings

Such censorship doesn’t stop with social media networks. Last August, Google rolled out a significant shift in their algorithm. And it targeted a key industry – the natural health community.

The result? Top alternative health websites and blogs were downgraded in Google’s search engine. Popular websites like Natural News and Dr. Axe experienced an unprecedented drop in traffic.

A natural living website that accrued a million visitors a month might have lost 500,000 visitors. A smaller-scale website that gained 10,000 visitors a month might have plummeted to virtually zero.

Google’s action, along with the censorship driven by popular social media sites, are leaving natural health advocates in a dangerous position. After all, where do you search information? For most people, it’s a combination of Google and social media pages/groups.

Without visibility on those platforms, we have a serious problem…

An Alternative to the Alternative?

Regardless of any philosophy that states whether or not such censorship should be allowed, it is happening. Groups and media outlets intended to spread and share natural living information are being silenced.

This is a significant reason why NatCove was created. To provide a safe place where natural living enthusiasts can socialize, ask questions, share natural living information, and assist each other in their health and wellness journeys.

Additionally, it’s an immersive experience where people of all different alternative health disciplines can come together. No need to be in an essential oils group, homeopathic group, natural remedy group, etc.

NatCove offers an immersive social experience where like-minded people can connect and communicate – free from censorship.

Ready to join? Click here and join in the experience.

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